Explained | The controversy behind Rajasthan Right to Health Bill

In this article we have Explained | The controversy behind Rajasthan Right to Health Bill. Here you will get all the insights regarding this bill; Why this bill is in controversy and why there is amid protest against this bill?

The Rajasthan Right to Health (RTH) Bill 2022 was approved by the state’s legislative body, giving residents of the state free access to emergency care even in private hospitals across the state.

Explained | The controversy behind Rajasthan Right to Health Bill

Controversy behind Rajasthan Right to Health Bill

No health care provider shall delay treatment merely on the grounds of receiving police clearance or a police report.

If a patient does not pay the charges, the healthcare provider shall be entitled to receive requisite fee and charges or proper reimbursement from the state government, the bill stated.

What makes the bill controversial?

The Right to Health Bill was tabled in Rajasthan Assembly last year in September 2022 and it intends to provide free and affordable medical services in both public as well as private hospitals, laboratories and clinics. The bill also gives residents the right to avail themselves of free healthcare facility from hospitals, clinics and laboratories, both public and private.

The bill had received opposition from private healthcare facilities who believe that the bill lacks the suggestions made by the medical practitioners, is hastily prepared and ignores ground realities. As per the doctors, healthcare is an over-regulated field and more control might be unnecessary.

Reportedly, some quoted experts have said that already free medical services are being provided to people under various government schemes and this bill was not necessary. The protesting doctors are seeing the bill as over-regulation of the medical institution. According to some, the execution of the bill might lead to overburdening of private hospitals and is unrealistic.

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