Fursat movie [2023] – Short film shot on iPhone14 Pro

Fursat movie [2023] - Short film shot on iPhone14 Pro

Fursat movie [2023] – Short film shot on iPhone14 Pro- Fursat movie [2023]- Directed by Vishal Bhardwaj and shot with iPhone14 available on YouTube. The film’s producer has made an effort to highlight the fact that it was shot on an iPhone 14 Pro as its biggest selling point.


When an artist gets a lot of name recognition and fame, he does not understand what to do next. So he begins applying it. The issue is that, in order to experiment, a good story is also required. 

Star Cast:

Star Cast of this short movie includes

  • Cast: Ishaan Khatter, Vamika Gabbi, Salim Yusuf Khan

Ishaan Khattar has performed flawlessly. His artistic side has been further developed under Vishal’s direction.  him. Vamika Gabbar has also played a good role. Additionally, both actors did a good job dancing. Salim Yusuf Khan plays a dacoit and plays the character in a fun way. The photography of Swapnil Sonavane is excellent. 

Key points:

  • Director: Vishal Bhardwaj
  • Cast: Ishaan Khatter, Vamika Gabbi, Salim Yusuf Khan
  • available on youtube 
  • Duration: 30 minutes

 Fursat movie release date:

3 February 2023

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The budget of the movie hasn’t been disclosed, but it is understood that the movie is of low budget. Vishal Bhardwaj works on the movies, which are usually creative. He gives emphasis on creativity rather than budget.

  • All the movie scenes were filmed on an iPhone 14 Pro. Most of the budget expenses were for the actors and cinematic effects.

Story Plot:

The story revolves around the actor, who has a special capability to see into the future with a special gadget. He employs this device to warn her of impending problems in her or his life. The entire movie plot revolves around this idea.

Visuals and Special Effects:

As this movie has been shot from a mobile phone. This half-an-hour movie has been made through iPhone 14 Pro and seeing some scenes, it is hard to believe that this movie has been captured with the eye of a mobile.

Director has taken a lot of tests of the iPhone 14 Pro. Shot underwater, in the scorching sun of the desert, in low light, in colourful backdrops and showed how good shooting can be done from mobile as well. 


It is a musical drama. The half-an-hour film has three-four songs, action sequences, bhaga-daudi, and a time travel story. The story and talk has been taken forward with the help of songs and these songs have been well choreographed. 

Box Office Collection:

The movie is released on YouTube with the purpose of promoting the technology of shooting a film with a mobile camera. This movie may start a new concept. We’re all aware that the NDTV news channel already shoots all of its videos with a Samsung mobile camera. 

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Personal Thoughts and Recommendation: 

My thought about this movie is that Vishal Bhardwaj has tried to give a message that a high quality film can be made even from a mobile phone. But the way Vishal’s film uses VFX, colorful palatial houses, glittering clothes-jewellery, lights, and grand trains, the question is whether Fursat could have been made without them. The film is entirely based on technology and talks about a gadget. Be honest you can watch this movie only for Technology used to shoot this movie. 

  • What’s Good: Shot with iPhone14, Vishal Bhadwaj and of course Gulzar Sahab.
  • What’s Bad: The entire movie is very short, and it seems that the director was too rushed to conclude.

Fursat (Video 2020) – IMDb


It seems that the purpose of this movie is to show that now a movie can be shot with the mobile phone. The film’s leading character’s look into the future and also hint at future film making techniques. If you are in Fursat, have a look.

If i give rating to this short movie i will give it 6/10, only for the technology in it used.

Final view: As the movie is available on YouTube, you must watch this movie once. It may give you a picture of the future.

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