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Today Rajasthan Assembly Passes Right To Health Bill, the bill says that any patient during emergency treatment such as accidents, and any other emergency decided by state health authority will be treated without prepayment of requisite fee.

The Rajasthan Right to Health (RTH) Bill 2022 was approved by the state’s legislative body, giving residents of the state free access to emergency care even in private hospitals across the state.

Rajasthan Assembly Passes Right To Health Bill- What bill says?

If any of the patients is unable to pay the fee or treatment cost, the state government will repay the necessary fees.

Rajasthan Assembly Passes Right To Health Bill, RAJASTHAN RIGHT TO HEALTH BILL, ASHOK GAHLOT

The bill states that public health Institutions, healthcare facilities, and designated health care centres, are eligible to provide healthcare or treatment as per their level of health care. They will treat patients during emergency conditions such as accidents, snake or animal bites, and any other emergency conditions, as decided by the state health authority. Patients can avail facility without requiring advance payment of the necessary fee.

No health care provider shall delay treatment merely on the grounds of receiving police clearance or a police report.

If a patient does not pay the charges, the healthcare provider shall be entitled to receive requisite fee and charges or proper reimbursement from the state government, the bill stated.

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