Rajasthan Assistant Radiographer Exam 2023 | Download Previous Year Question paper PDF

If you have the idea of the RSMSSB Rajasthan Assistant Radiographer Exam 2023 pattern, it will be easier for you to prepare accordingly and be more precise. We have discussed the examination pattern that the recruitment agency is expected to follow in order to proceed with their selection process. Here we have provided you how to Download Previous Year Question paper pdf.

The RSMSSB Rajasthan Assistant Radiographer Exam is an Objective exam. The exam will account for 70% of the candidates’ final grade. The remaining 30% is allocated to sports and experience. The exam has a weightage of 300 marks.  

Candidates must have a thorough understanding of the exam pattern for the specific year because it helps candidates prepare. Candidates who successfully complete all stages of the selection process will be hired for the position. The details of the exam pattern for RSMSSB Assistant Radiographer posts are depicted below.

Official Notification of Rajasthan Assistant Radiographer Exam 2023


Rajasthan Assistant Radiographer Exam 2023 | Download Previous Year Question paper pdf

Mode of Exam Online 
Number of Sections Two
Name of Sections General Knowledge and Science 
The question in Each Section 100 in Section-1 and 200 in Section-2 
Maximum Number of Questions 300
Type of Question Multiple Choice Question/ MCQ
Maximum Number of Marks 300
Marking Scheme Negative Marking of ⅓ marks 
Language of Paper English 
Duration of Exam 3 Hours 

Rajasthan Assistant Radiographer Exam 2023 | Download Syllabus pdf

To proceed with the preparation, it is critical to have a thorough understanding of the syllabus. After learning about the examination pattern, one may be curious about the exam syllabus.

A syllabus is the first step or starting point for any exam’s inspiration. The syllabus will tell you whether you are prepared for the exam and will allow you to concentrate on the most important subjects.

As you can see, the exam will include sections on General Knowledge, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. To improve our preparation, let us look closely at sub-topics within these broad categories of subjects.

You can also access the previous year’s question papers for better understanding and help which will give you a clear idea of the weightage of each section. Let’s have an overview of the syllabus for the RSMSSB Assistant Radiographer.

Subject Syllabus 
 General Knowledge Indian HistoryFreedom MovementIndian Politics and EconomicsWorld Geography and PopulationHistory and Culture of RajasthanReligious Traditions and LineageGeography of Rajasthan Culture of RajasthanCurrent Affairs of International and National Important Importance
 Biology General Characteristics of –AlgaeFungiLichensBryophytaPteridophytaGymnospermsAngiospermsMorphology of AngiospermsStructure and Modification of Root, stem, leaf.Structure of Flower and Seed. Plant Anatomy-issue and Tissue system secondary growthPlant PhysiologyOsmosisWater Absorption Ascent of SapTranspirationPhotosynthesisRespirationPlant GrowthMovementEnvironmental StudiesStructure and Types of EcosystemsEnergy FlowBiogeochemical CycleEcological AdaptationsEnvironmental PollutionPopulation EcologyDiversityBiotechnology-General AccountRecombinant m-A TechnologyTransgenic Plants and AnimalEthical IssuesApplication of Biotechnology in Agriculture and Medical Field.Economic Importance Of plants Cell –StructureCell TheoryCell DivisionGenetics-Mendel’s LawGeneral TerminologyStructure of DNA and RNAMolecular Basis of HeredityStructure of ChromosomesSex DeterminationGenetic Disorders in manClassification of Animal Kingdom Digestion, Respiration, Excretion in human Protein, Carbohydrates, Fat, Vitamin, Digestive enzymes, Exchange of gases, Aerobic and Anaerobic Respiration, Kreb cycle, Glycolysis CjtOry substance. Structure and physiology of kidney. Circulation and Endocrine system of Human, Structure of Heart, Composition of the blood, Blood groups, Blood Clotting, Lymph glands, Antigen and Antibodies, Endocrine glands and their hormones. Muscular System –Types of MusclesMuscles ContractionReproductory system in human and human diseases, Structure and Reproductive health, Disease in man by Bacteria, Fungus, Virus, Protozoa, and Helminths.
 Physics Dynamics of the rigid body –TorqueConservation of angular momentumMoment Of Inertia of Simple Geometrical ObjectsThermodynamics –First and Second Law of thermodynamicsHeat Engines and refrigeratorsOscillations –Simple Harmonic motion and examplesResonanceWaves –Principle of superposition of wavesDoppler effectElectrostatics –Coulomb’s LawElectric Field Gauss’s Theorem and applicationsElectric Current –Kirchoff’s LawWheatstone-bridgeMeter-bridgePotentiometerOptics –Microscope TelescopeInterferenceDiffraction and polarizationPolarimeterAtom –Bohr’s Model of H-atomNuclei-Mass defectNuclear Binding energyNuclear Fission and FusionSemi-Conductor Electronics –Pn JunctionTransistorLogic GatesDiode as a rectifierZener Diode
 Chemistry S-block and p-block elementsChemical equilibriumGaseous StateLiquid Statesolid-stateSolutionsNomenclature and General properties of Organic CompoundsHydrocarbons

How to prepare for Rajasthan Assistant Radiographer Exam 2023

Once a candidate is aware of the entire admission process and the examination syllabus, and is determined to pass the competitive examination with utmost optimism and strength, he or she should begin preparation immediately.

  • Understand the syllabus as well as the exam structure. Exam knowledge will help you achieve great things.
  • Practice more and more and focus on tough topics regularly.
  • Always read newspapers and magazines to be better aware of the surroundings.
  • Go through the previous year’s question papers for a better understanding of the exam.
  • Revise the topics timely to avoid forgetting.
  • Here, the technical concepts or even the basics must be clear.
  • Do not stress, be calm.
  • The best tip while preparing for the Government examination is to be consistent and never lose hope.
  • Always remember Patience is the key to success.

One may easily pass the exam and subsequently lead a successful life if they have a lot of dedication and determination, coupled with the necessary amount of hard effort. For the purpose of preparing for this specific exam, a broad variety of books are accessible, and one may select one of them.

Best Books to prepare Rajasthan Assistant Radiographer Exam 2023

Candidates who are eligible and are preparing for the exam can have a look at the books listed below. These books have proven beneficial for candidates in the past. The candidates preparing for the Assistant Radiographer must need the proper material preparation for the exam because the exam has somewhat difficult concepts. The books that are important for the candidates, especially for the Assistant Radiographer that contains guidelines and model test paper are mentioned below-

Books Publisher/Author 
RSSB-GK Solved Paper Books Mariya 
Handbook by Clark for Radiographers Rajat Shukla 
Essentials Physics in imaging for Radiographers by Clark Holmes, Harries 

Here we have provided you with the PDF of the Question paper to prepare yourself. Download the Question paper and prepare with full spirit. We wish you Good Luck.

Download Previous Year Question paper pdf

Don’t forget to practise mocks for self-evaluation. 

There are several online platforms available for practicing the mocks and analyzing yourself. 

Check your progress from time to time.

Rajasthan Assistant Radiographer Previous Year Cut-off

The cutoff represents a turning moment for the applicants since they have spent their entire lives working hard and competing with other smart people for a single seat that will guarantee their future. The Board or Institute putting on the test determines the cut-off based on a number of factors and releases it.

How to calculate cutoff ?

Every year, a wide range of factors influence the cut-off marks. Candidates should not be concerned about the cut-off and should instead concentrate on the exam.

After considering the previous data, the different aspects that affect the cut-off marks are

  • The number of Vacancies
  • Total Number of Applicants
  • The difficulty of the Paper
  • Normalization Process
  • Category of Applicants
  • Accuracy of Candidates
  • Several Good attempts.

Rajasthan Assistant Radiographer 2023 Selection Process

The selection process is the entire recruitment process of any examination. It provides us the information regarding the complete cycle and period taken by the board to conduct any examination. The selection process differs as per the Board that conducts the examination. 

Below is the representation of the selection process. Let us have a look.

  • The final selection of the candidates is made as per the merit list.
  • As we have already seen, there are generally two phases of examination that are prelims and mains.
  • The candidates who qualify for the prelims are shortlisted for the main examination.
  • The candidates who qualify for the main examination are shortlisted for the document verification and a final merit list is released for their final appointment.


Assistant radiographer is a state-level exam and has two parts and a total of 300 marks. Similarly, the exam eligibility criteria, cutoff marks from the previous year’s batch for the ease of the candidates. 

You should visit the official website from time to time to be updated.

What is the pattern of Rajasthan Assistant Radiographer Exam 2023?

It will be of 300 Marks.

Is there any negative marks for Rajasthan Assistant Radiographer Exam 2023?

Yes, there is negative marking (1/3)

Disclaimer : The Job posts/ Question paper/ Answers/ Results / Marks published here is only for the immediate Information to the candidates and does not to be a constitute to be a Legal Document. Official notification from official website must be considered as final document. We have made all the efforts while providing the information. We are not responsible for any Inadvertent Error that may have cause any loss to the candidates. Please read Terms of use.

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